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I've just (finally) solved all of my compiz problems by installing CCSM, the CompizConfig Settings Manager. I didn't want to install gconf so it took a little while to get things done. The documentation is incredibly crappy and that's why it's taken me so long to actually figure anything out. I upgraded my compiz to the new compiz fusion using packages from here:

I made SlackBuilds for all of it (but I think has slackbuilds for everything also). Install in the following order:


I was missing ccsm when I tried before and the ini backend made it very difficult to configure since the plugins had to be in a very specific (and undocumented) order.

Note that for ccsm you need pygobject, pycairo, pygtk and Pyrex (you should install them in that order). There are SlackBuilds for all of those except Pyrex at I made a slackbuild for Pyrex but there is one at

Then, to start compiz, use the following:
compiz --ignore-desktop-hints --replace ccp &
The --ignore-desktop-hints is there to avoid the mess that is KDE's pager when working with compiz (you lose some functionality here though -- you can no longer send to a specific desktop [you must drag it instead or use one of the compiz plugins] and applications from ALL desktops [or viewports I guess] are shown on the taskbar). If you lose your title bars and such, type the following:
kde-window-decorator &
Then open ccsm (it was automatically placed in "K>Settings>CompizConfig Settings Manager" for me, but you can open it from a console by typing "ccsm &").

Play around with all the pretty plugins. The only thing missing from this setup is the 3D plugin which allows the windows to pop off the desktop when rotating. That plugin is apparently being rewritten and is therefore absent from this release. I hope your experiences with compiz are better than mine.