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Great solution from Ubuntu

I found a great solution on Ubuntu's forum ( Here's the solution from the poster:

Here is a solution that works.

There is a file called "gaminrc" in the "gamin" folder in the "etc" directory which controls how often the gam_server asks the system about changed files.

You have to edit that file as a superuser.

1. Press "Alt" + "F2" to get the "run Application" dialog.

2. In the box type the following (without the quotes) :
"gksu gedit /etc/gamin/gaminrc"
(You will have to type in your administrative password when it asks you)

3. You will need to know what filesystems you are using.
For each filesystem type the following in a separate line replacing <filesystem> with the filesystem you are using:

fsset <filesystem> poll 10

4. Save the file

For example, if you are using the ext3 filesystem you would type the following:

fsset ext3 poll 10

What this does is tell gam_server look for changed files every 10 seconds instead of a gazillion times a second like it was doing.

You can try a different interval other than 10 seconds to see what works best for you.

Good luck.

- Konstantin
I'm using RedHat AS version 4, which doesn't have an /etc/gamin directory, so I put the gaminrc file directly in the /etc directory and it worked like a charm (after I sent a "kill -1" to the gam_server pid).

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