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BenCollver 11-26-2013 09:43 AM

whyfors and hithertos
Questions asked:

Why Slackware? Why TCL? What are the criteria for roguelikes that will eventually end up in the distro?

Answers given:

Slackware because it is easy to modify. TCL because it is well documented and easy to bind to C code. There is no reason it couldn't have been Fedora, FreeBSD, Python, or Lua. Anything goes because it started as a solo project for fun.

The most important criteria for roguelike games is that they are playable. If someone takes an interest and wants to get a game included, then it should be included. But if it is beta quality and crashes 90% of the time, it won't go in. If they want to expedite things, then they could get it added to or send me a fossil pull request to make it easier for me to add. The second most important criteria is my preference for roguelike games and puzzles that are turn-based. Twitchy dexterity-based games and games with unusual licensing requirements are not likely to go in.

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