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BenCollver 07-28-2013 11:59 AM

How to post a screenshot to the forum
Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words when troubleshooting a software problem. This message describes how to post a screenshot to the forum from Rogue Class Linux version 2. This will only work if you have networking configured [1] and you have an account on the forum. Rogue Class Linux can run multiple programs simultaneously by running them on separate virtual consoles [2]. You will need to switch to a higher-numbered console to take a screenshot of a running program.

Suppose you are playing Powder and your character drinks an unidentified potion. You notice that your character's head catches on fire, and you don't know what to do. Let's post a screenshot.

Press Ctrl-Alt-F2 to switch to the second virtual console. In VirtualBox, use the righthand Ctrl instead of Ctrl-Alt.
[image omitted]

Press Enter to open the main menu on this virtual console.
[image omitted]

Remember that by default, the mouse and joystick only work on the first console. You will need to use the keyboard to navigate the menu. Press A to select the Apps menu option. Press Enter to open the Apps menu.
[image omitted]

Press S to select the Screen shot menu option. Press Enter to begin taking a screenshot.
[image omitted]

At this point, you can type in the number of seconds to wait before taking a screenshot of what is displayed on the screen. The default number of seconds is 3. When you are ready, press Enter.
[image omitted]

Quickly press Ctrl-Alt-F1 to switch to virtual console 1 before the screenshot is taken. If using the default delay, then wait for 3 seconds . Then press Ctrl-Alt-F2 to switch back to virtual console 2.
[image omitted]

Normally you will see a prompt to press any key to continue. There is a bug in Rogue Class Linux version 2 that sometimes hides this prompt. This bug will be fixed in version 3 [3]. To work around this bug in the meanwhile, try pressing Enter. This will bring up the screenshot menu.
[image omitted]

Press U to select the Upload to menu option. Press Enter to upload to
[image omitted]

This screen is informational-only. It shows the image URL and informs you that the URL has already been copied to the clipboard. Press Enter to dismiss this and return to the screenshot menu.
[image omitted]

Press Escape to quit the screenshot menu and return to the apps menu.
[image omitted]

Press W to select the Web browser menu option. Press Enter to open the web browser. By default, it loads the homepage.
[image omitted]

Press Page Down and then press Down to select the link. Press Enter to navigate to the forum.
[image omitted]

Press the Down arrow key repeatedly until the cursor is in the User Name field. Press backspace to clear this field and type in your forum username. Press the down arrow repeatedly until the cursor is in the Password field. Type in your forum password. Press the down arrow key to select the Login button. Press Enter to log in.

The Links web browser does not support Javascript, so you will need to manually follow the vBulletin redirect. Press the Down arrow key to select the first link. Press Enter to follow the redirect. Then, press Ctrl-R to refresh the page. The refreshed page should indicate that you are logged into the forum.

Press the Down arrow key repeatedly until you select the New Thread button. Press Enter to start a new thread.

Use the Ctrl-N, Ctrl-P, [, and ] keys to scroll the screen down, up, left, and right. Use the Arrow keys to navigate the fields. Navigate to the Subject: field and type in a subject line. Navigate to the message field and type in the message text. To insert the image, type

When you press Ctrl-V, it should paste the URL into the message.

Scroll down and press the Down arrow repeatedly to select the Submit New Thread button.

Press enter to post the screenshot.

At this point, you should see the new post. If it were a serious question, then I might suggest looking for a potion of water.

By the way, the Links web browser supports up to 10 windows on Rogue Class Linux. To open a new window, press Escape to go to the menu, then select File, New window. This creates a new window. Navigate to a different web page. Use Alt-1 and Alt-2 to toggle between the two windows.

Note that many of the images are omitted to meet the forum limits. Below is a link to the full message with all of the images [4].

That's all, folks.






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