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gargamel 11-01-2005 02:06 PM


In fact, I got interested in ROCK more than two years ago, had some success with it, thanks to the great support from the community on the mailing list, went back to my beloved Slackware from it just because nothing like rocket existed, yet. However, the technology as well as the people behind the project motivated me to step by at the ROCK web site every once in a while.

Currently I am totally occupied with a much too large number of job and private things, but as soon as possible I'll give ROCK another go. If rocket is good enough, the only excuse not to use ROCK is gone. Well, the only one, except using Slackware, ie. ;-)

BTW, it's great to see you here at LQ, now. Hopefully ROCK now gets the visibility it deserves, finally.

Best wishes,


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