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gargamel 06-04-2006 12:35 PM

ROCK target for floppy disk and NFS install

I consider to use ROCK for creating a system tailored for installation from floppy disk and via NFS on a pretty aged laptop (P120 Classic).

I want to make that machine a fax server, with not much more than a basic system plus Hylafax installed, forwarding and spooling and queueing faxes transmitted and received via a serial line modem. Plus some tool to keep the software up-to-date (install patches and security fixes) automagically. As the target machine is pretty slow, it should not be necessary to compile patches on it. Binary updates would be preferrable.

What's the best practice to do this with ROCK?

[EDIT dropped a few lines asking for things answered in the online sources, just overlooked it first]

Thanks for your replies.


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