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erpe 09-10-2007 05:19 PM

How do I install ROCK on a SATA drive?
I noticed that Rock doesn't recognize Sata drive. How do I install it anyway on a SATA drive?

Brian1 09-10-2007 06:32 PM

I never heard of that distro but things to check.
Not knowing the sata controller chipset there may not be any modules.
If there is a module then the installer may not support it or the kernel it is based on does not have it compiled or the kernel is older than the version that may have it.

Things to try.
If the sata controller is onboard then in the bios check to see if it can be put in pata or lagacy IDE mode.
Then after the install is up and running you may switch back to sata mode but again it depends if the controller is supportted.

Other way is install to and IDE drive and run from that.

Another way is install to an IDE drive and then copy the partitions over to the sata drive using something like ghost for linux or a knoppix live cd. But again depends if sata controller is supported by Rock and the tool coping software.


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