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ldesouza 09-30-2008 02:14 PM

Unable to log on to RedHat: "Authentication Failed"
Hi all,

When I boot up and try to log in, I can enter a username, but instead of an enter-password screen, there's just a popup saying "authentication failed". This happens for whatever's entered into the username field: a real username, root, a fake username, whatever.

***EDIT*** When booting up in single user mode, we found that calling passwd only got this error:

passwd: Module is unknown

I've seen solutions involving checking if there are any bugs in our pam.d or reinstalling the pam rpm, but I have no idea where to start with can I tell if it's corrupted, and how do i reinstall a pam rpm in single user mode? We have no other linux boxes and are unable to remote in.

The only thing I can think of is that when I installed MRIcron it tripped something. Now a USB keyboard doesn't work either. We have a non-USB keyboard, but if there's an explanation for that, I'd love to hear it. That's pretty minor compared to not being able to log in at all.

Anyone have ideas, or seen this before?



stuart_cherrington 10-03-2008 02:31 AM


You can use rpm to check the pam package is clean (not corrupt), can't remember flags off top of my head, but its in the man page.#

You could try updating to the latest pam version, this 'should' remove any issues with PAM that you might be seeing.


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