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mesiol 03-12-2009 03:34 AM

Transfer RHEL 3.1 LVM to RHEL 5
Hi all,

i have a cluster system which needs to be updated, because of an EMC flair code update, which requires newer version of naviagent, which requires kernel 2.6.

At the moment the system (IBM X345) is running RHEL 3.1 attached to a EMC CX300 providing 15 LUN's. All this LUN's are used by the OS as Linux LVM volume groups.

We are planing a node by node update for the cluster.

I'm not sure if there are any issue's because RHEL 3.1 has kernel 2.4 and RHEL 5.2 has kernel 2.6, also the LVM version has changed to LVM2.

If i update to RHEL 5.2 are there any known problems reusing the VG's on RHEL 5.2?

Are they detected automatically by the new kernel? Has there be any kind of manual work done to transfer the VG's?

Has some tried such a thing before?

Thanks for all kind of information.

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