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anurak 06-16-2006 09:12 AM

system crash
dear Sir,

i off linux by accident (unproperly shutdown).
after that i can not boot it.
it show me.

"can not open /etc/fstab".
after that i log in as maintenance mode.
i list the files in /etc.
i found fstab.REVOKE.
what is fstab.REVOKE
but i can not find fstab.
i try to vi fstab.
it show that i am going to open new file.
and show me that "can not open swap file for fstab
it is impossible to recover"
i try to edit mannually to the file.
but i can not save it.
it show" can not open the file to write".
it is possible to recover?
or i have to install fresh linux

thank you

unSpawn 06-16-2006 09:48 AM

You have crossposted a message, which is against the LQ Rules.
Please do not do that again.

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