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comtex 09-09-2003 12:40 PM

Switching GUI from GNOME to KDE
I read on an NG to switch from GNOME to KDE in RH to go to the Desktop Switching tool.

When I did that, KDE did sort of come up - the look was GNOME but some of the menus where KDE. I switched back to GNOME and it seamed ok, except that the Office Write is now screwed up. The Write window sows the font size and windows size way to big to be usable.

How do I fix this or where do I look?
Remember I'm a total linux newbie.

usernamenumber 09-09-2003 02:01 PM

I'm not entirely sure what you mean about Office Write's fonts being big. You mean the default fontsize has changed? Can you change it back with the menubar or are other things, like the menubars themselves, being changed?

As for Gnome and KDE looking the same, that's intentional. Red Hat uses a theme called 'Bluecurve' that makes both gnome and kde look about the same. You can change the theme in either by going into the preferences menu from the hat menu. Then gnome and kde can each look however you want them to.

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