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binchin 09-05-2005 07:07 PM

strange net config behavior - interesting experience...
Previous question was how to set up an isa eepro card with a built-in pci in a dell optiplex in rh 9.

after normal setup w/o an rc.modules file,
I get the built-in 3c59x card mapped to eth0 and that's it.
at this point, I can modprobe eepro io irq and it maps to eth1.

but then dhclient still wouldn't set up my ip for eth1.
so I added the device ifcfg-eth1 to sysconfig networking folders devices and default by copying ifcfg-eth0: BOOT dhcp, etc.

in rc.modules, I added modprobe eepro io=blah irq=10, and suddenly, it ONLY finds the isa card, and doesn't bother finishing loading the onboard 3c59x.
WHY? perhaps it only cares to load the first one. fine.
I added an explicit modprobe to my rc.modules for the 3c59x card.

Great.. it loads the modules, but dhclient still doesn't automatically configure it on startup.
When I manually "dhclient eth1", things work out and I have two nics set up nicely.

What I really want is the isa card for wan as eth0, and the onboard 10/100 for lan as eth1.

Any comments welcome.

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