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tongzhi 04-04-2008 02:21 AM

Strange keyboard problems RHEL AS 3 update 6

I am having a very strange problems and it happens to both HP netserver e60 and another PC.

PS2 keyborard works when system boots, I can enter BIOS and I can choose differ kernel to boot, it also works when system detects a hardware change. But when the system is up running, keyboard stopped responding.

I have changed a keyboard and same problem, to me, looks like the keyboard is been locked by the system rather than a hardware fault,

anyone had this problem ?


notorp 05-25-2008 03:20 PM

keyboard dead after boot
I'm having a similar problem.

It is with a PS/2 keyboard

The behaviour is only present for me in Fedora kernels >

I've set inittab to default to 3 and turned off all rhgb and quiet.

I can then sit and boot into the newer kernel say and press caps lock on and off until after about 20 seconds it stops responding. The boot continues but I can not type. The num lock also turns off if I had turned it on?

I've found that the system is still running and ctrl-alt+del will reboot the computer so the keyboard isn't completly dead?

I've tried a pure kernel 2.6.25 and that doesn't have the problem but I'm struggling to get my video card to install with that kernel. Most likely because I've not correctly installed it? I don't know?

I've registered a bug with fedora but have had no response yet. I'm trying to build my own and kernels to see if it is between the two, although I see nothing that should cause it in the changelogs.

I've seen other references to this problem with other distros and no definite fix.

Some possible fixes are:
  1. disable legacy usb support in bios
  2. add acpi=off in kernel boot options
  3. continuously type during boot!!!
  4. buy USB keyboard

My setup is a x86_64 - Fedora 8 - ASUS NCCH-DL MB - TWIN Intel Xeon 3.0GHz processor 4 GB mem.

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