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hafeez malik 01-07-2007 11:47 PM

step by step configuring squirrelmail
I have installed RedHat Linux 9, when I try logging in into squirrelmail I keep getting dificulti in loging

it is giving error massage when loging as a "root" user i.e. "Unknown user or password incorrect". And login as a user "hafeez"( simple user created on my pc at installation time) giving error message "error opening ../data/default_pref default_pref file not found". While path of my default_pref on my pc is "var/lib/squirrelmail/pref/default_pref".

I have installed Redhat Linux 9 on my computer.

My domain name ""
host name "hafeez"
ip address ""

squirrelmail path "/usr/share/squirrelmail/config/"

Kindly tell me following things in "" file that what i will put there

1. Organization Preference

If you like to add a organisation logo how ??

2. server setting

IMAP Server ??

Use Sendmail/SMTP ??

Server ??

Invert Time ??

Delimeter ??

4.General Option

Data Directory ??

AttachmentDirectory ??

6. Adess Book

change server

9. Data Base

DNS for address book

Table for address book

DNS for preference

D.Set predefine setting for IMAP server

Please select your IMAP Server ??

I have not installed/configuration any server on my computer. Please tell me all configuration step by step configuration. I will waite

Kindly help me I am in so tention. I will waiting for your reply.

jimbo1954 01-08-2007 04:36 AM

You have asked about SquirrelMail, but I think the problem may be elsewhere. You didn't mention where your mail server (MTA) is will need an MTA for SquirrelMail to connect to, and you will also need (for instance) an IMAP server and an authorisation server.

For example, in my mailserver, I use EXIM4 as the MTA, with Courier-IMAP and other Courier modules for authorisation, etc. Do you have this kind of setup? Or are they running on a different machine in your network....SquirrelMail doesn't run on its own, it is a Mail User Agent (MUA) and needs to interact...

Hope this Helps

jimbo1954 01-10-2007 12:02 PM

Google Is Your Friend
I got your email, but I don't post answers privately, and nor should you ask for them. This is a site to help everyone, and if I'm going to help, I will try to get the information to as many as possible, not keep it between folk. If everybody relied on private email, this forum, with all its benefits, would die, and I'm not prepared to see that.

If you tried google, or better, searched this site, you would find that there are many posts/sites with howtos for what you need, try using them! I had to sort this out for myself using google and books (and trial and error!), and now I know how mail and other stuff works. If I just give you a whole bunch of configuation details, you may make it work, but you won't know *how* or *why*, so I'm actually hindering you, not helping. I don't want to seem anti, but if you have really beaten your head against the problem and still got a problem, then we can work together, but simply emailing

"kindly tell me your client & server configuration/setting. waiting for your reply"

does not tell me you have *tried* to google you way out of this...

My favourite site for mail setup templates is

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