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NOVA5 10-20-2003 10:44 AM

RPM Install help needed, dependency problem.
Redhat 9.

Attempting to install dev tools to compile stuff with, it said it needed two packages.

the ones i downloaded and installed were

the two i downloaded installed fine (openssl and krb5-libs).

however the install for the Devtools from the redhat add/remove packages does not accept the newly installed Openssl and krb5-libs. the install wanted the lower numbered vesion, i installed the higher numbered version figuring newer is better. is there any way to remove the newer ones or force the older ones over top or force package install using the newer versions? older on newer always drives windows a little batty, so im a bit concerend about doing such to Linux.

jkobrien 10-20-2003 10:53 AM

rpm -e <package> will remove an installed package. If you have the rpm's for the earlier versions you can then install them with
rpm -Uvh <package>

There are options for forcing on older package to replace a newer but I can't remember the exact syntax. Type in 'man rpm' and have a look.


misc 10-20-2003 11:16 AM


This problem has been covered before. Consider searching the forum.

You need to install the openssl-devel und krb5-devel packages from Red Hat Updates, e.g. with running up2date openssl-devel krb5-devel

Only then you can use the redhat-config-package tool again to install the "Development" group.

NOVA5 10-20-2003 11:32 AM

that worked, thanks misc.

searching for such specific things unless these two packages are always a problem is pretty troublesome as its hard to get the right keywords in to make it worthwhile.

is this somthing i need to do each time i download package from the net and install it?

misc 10-20-2003 11:42 AM

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