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riluve 04-01-2005 09:21 AM

RHN Monitor running amok
So am I the only person who see this?

RHEL v3. Log in as root runlevel 5 using gnome. The little RHN Monitor is automatically started and it puts a blue, red, or green button on the task bar.

Then go to system monitor-> process listing->list by memory size.

There you will find a Python process which starts at about 15Meg, so it should be near the top.

stay logged in for an hour - don't do anything else, then that process will be more like 18-20Meg. I found this after being logged in for a week or more, it had grown to 700+Meg!!!

That little bugger just keeps growing and growing, before long you'll be forced to eat into your swap space just to idle the system.

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