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ashwin_cse 08-08-2004 03:28 AM

RH9 random freezes
I have been working with RH9 for about 4 months now & is working fine, until recently. I downloaded & installed smartmontools. After then my RH freezes for sometime and then resumes normally. I am using evolution (the one that comes along with the RH installation) as my e-mail client program. It works fine but when i give exit command from the file menu, it sometime exits normally after displaying a mesage box saying evolution is exiting. Sometimes the message box stays forever.
Thank You,

oldskool 08-12-2004 08:55 AM

I'm assuming the smartmontools/RH freezes are exclusive to the Evolution freezes. I used to experience Evolution freezing on my previous RH 9 box. I believe it's an Evolution bug, as I kept my box tight and up to date.

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