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sonofdbn 02-26-2004 09:31 AM

RH9 missing after install - IDE card problem?
I inherited an old HP Pavilion 6325 which is about 5 years old and the BIOS doesn't recognise hard disks over 136GB - or at least something under the 160GB drives I wanted to put in it. So I bought an IDE card with two PCI channels, and attached the two drives to the primary channel as master and slave. The only device attached to the IDE channels on the motherboard is the CD-ROM drive.

I copied the RH9 ISOs to the second hard drive and did what I thought was a very smooth hard disk install onto hda, chose the automatic partitioning of hda, installed LILO on the MBR and made a boot floppy.

Unfortunately when the system restarted all I got was a message about the operating system being missing (no sign of LILO). Same problem with the boot floppy - although there at least there was something which told me the OS was on /dev/hda2. I assume that makes sense, since /boot was on /dev/hda1.

The ONLY thing which was a slight wrinkle was that during the anaconda install a boot parameter was suggested: something like "hdc=ide-scsi", which I deleted since there is no hdc. In retrospect I probably shouldn't have!

What can I do now to fix this? I'm hoping that it's just a matter of editing some boot parameters. I've been able to boot Knoppix, so I can get at various files if necessary.

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