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fruitybooterson 03-14-2004 03:34 PM

RH Fedora Fresh Install freezes on first launch? !Please Help!
OK. I am a total freakin noob with Linux... so please bare with me. LOL

I recently downloaded and installed RH on my system as a dual-OS with WinXp. The install went great; well, so far that is. All of the CDs I downloaded scaned ok with the CD scanning tool before the install started. I then proceeded to install RH. The install went great, since I'm new to Linux, I choose the "everything" install so all of the options are available to learn about and mess around with.

Long story short... whats happening is when I boot into the Linux side.. I get into the "Welcome" screen, where you read and accept the "Term and Conditions" thing... then when I go to click NEXT to continute with entering other info, and it freeezes. I thought maybe its just thinking real hard.. LOL and let it sit for about 25 minutes. Still nothing.. I've also tried re-booting and allowing it to sit for several minutes and still nothing happens.

The Grub boot util, and WinXP work just fine. I'm assuming theres just something screwed up in the way Linux installed.

My question is how to fix this freeze-up issue. Do I need to completly un-install Linux and re-install? Should i completely re-format and re-partition and re-install both Operating Systems?

What is going to be the best solution to ensure both Operating systems run good?

System (I'm also not sure if there are known hardware conflicts with my system)

P4 2.8 w/HT
1GB Dual-Channel PC3200
SB Live 5.1
LiteON 16x DVD-ROM
TDK 52X24x52x CD-RW

Please let me know if there is other info you need about my system to help fix this.

Thanks in advance!

misc 03-14-2004 10:47 PM


I recently downloaded and installed RH
Red Hat Linux or Fedora Core? And in case of the former, which version?

Also note the separate "Fedora" forum section:


to continute with entering other info,
Which step exactly?

And with "freeze", does that mean you cannot move the mouse any longer? Can you switch to virtual console with CTRL+ALT+F1?

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