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garu2013 01-20-2013 09:21 PM

Red Hat Enterprise download...

Can anyone help me where can I download RedHat Enterprise?


jschiwal 01-20-2013 10:11 PM

There is a download link on this page:

John VV 01-20-2013 11:15 PM

then for the desktop install, buy the required support contract .
$49 to $299 per year

then register your install!!!

if you do not register your paid for install, then you will be unable to install software .
Except for what is on the dvd and that is it .
No updates, no new packages
no new programs
basically nothing

if you do not intend on buying the license then do not use RHEL 6

instead install one of the FREE rebuilds
CentOS 6.3 or ScientificLinux 6.3

garu2013 01-21-2013 06:54 PM

Thank you.

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