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ronss 09-26-2003 07:19 AM

red hat 9 xmms and nvidia driver-xmms
is anyone here running red hat 9 and nvidia driver, and able to play mp3,s with the xmms player. i install red hat 9, download the plugin for xmms player, and i can play music offf the internet. but when i download and install nvidia driver, it does something where i cannot run the xmms player anymore. it will not even open up. anyone help me on this issue, or is this a bug that red hat needs to work on?

UltimaGuy 09-26-2003 07:42 AM

I have installed both nvidia and xmms and there is no problem for me. But I have noticed that a lot of people have the same problem, so it could be a bug.

crashmeister 09-26-2003 07:49 AM

There are different versions of the nforce2 boards.Try the alsa driver (intel8x0).

ronss 09-26-2003 08:06 AM

the nvidia driver i am using is for graphics card, not the nvidia platform driver . its on a gig -ga-7dxr board. wish i could both nvidia driver and xmms working together.

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