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phalse 04-09-2004 01:03 PM

quick tip for those soon to install
for a time i ran rh9, then switched to slackware 9.1..

for purposes of this post, my specs shouldnt matter but i have a dell inspiron 5100, 40g drive, 512ram, p4 2.4 desktop processor. nothing too exotic. until you get to the bootloader install in redhat:

do not install lilo from the rh9 cd. it just doesnt work, whether you partition your drive ahead of time (ideal in all situations for all distros) or not. install grub, and all will be well. if you hoze your box, put in an xp cd, hit r to go into the recovery console, a glorified dos session. type help, youll see commands like fixmbr and fixboot, try them in that order to get back to where you were. or, boot the rh install cd and mount whats needed at the prompt, at the prompt you can type liloconfig which will let you deal with it there and then. see also the lilo.conf config file which contains the info lilo uses.

remember that logical drives such as the partition youll have for linux are numbered starting from 5 onward. if your cd drive is on the first ide channel, and your hd on the second, like in my machine (its usually the other way around) your first hd is hdc. your windows partition will be hdc1 or 2.. not rocket science, as i had to learn, just have to mind your p's and q's, and lilo's. lilo works great for my install of slack 9.1, but it barfed all over redhat without hesitation. just thought id share, for those of you who are new, or are thinking about switching from distro X to redhat =]

salparadise 04-09-2004 01:26 PM


but LILO most certainly DOES work from the RH9 cd

i'm typing this from RedHat 9
and I installed the LILO bootloader
in fact
I can boot into either Redhat or Mandrake
which are on the same harddrive

markelo 04-09-2004 03:29 PM

I read somewhere that there is problem with LILO and big harddisks and GURB doesn't have that big HD problem. I favor GRUB at the moment.

salparadise 04-09-2004 03:57 PM

i have a 40Gig hard drive (small by todays standards I suppose)
mandrake has the first 17Gig and Redhat has the rest
I have no problems.

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