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warrensomebody 09-20-2005 04:33 AM

pxeboot kickstart with upgraded drivers
I would like pxe boot and do a kickstart into a rh8 system, but my machine has newer network hardware than rh8 supports...

a) Can I use a newer vmlinuz + initrd.img that has the drivers I need (e.g. from rh9 or centos 4) -- even though the ks.cfg will be for an older system?

b) Are there clear instructions somewhere on how to upgrade the pxeboot vmlinuz + initrd.img files to include the newer drivers. (I've found numerous instructions on how to use mkinitrd, but not to create pxe-compatible images.)



aalawi 09-23-2005 12:06 PM

- Check out the changelog file to make sure if the format of kickstart configuration file has been changed in rh9.

- pxe-compatible images?
Basically All initrd.img do the same job, regardless of the way of installing Linux, and particularly they provide you with a mini root filesystem by using the memory(RAM).

- How to upgrade the pxeboot vmlinuz + initrd.img?
All what you need is to mount the initrd.img file via a loop interface, and then add/remove files from it as suits you, then demount it

Note: make sure initrd.img is not compressed (file initrd.img), if compressed then uncompress it first, then do the following:

#losetup /dev/loop0 initrd.img
#mount /dev/loop0 /mnt

Then go to /mnt and modify it as you wish, then:

#umount /mnt

initrd.img is updated.

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