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itzikv 10-15-2013 08:37 AM

PXE booting Redhat 6.4 workstation.
Hi All,

i have a windows machine on which i run WDS 2008 and also PXELINUX which i use as a boot loader with vesamenu.c32, from the root menu i can either continue to the WDS installs or make entries that point to the Kick Start server by specifying the proper parameters.
everything works great.
until i was requested to boot Linux RedHat workstation into the main splash screen, the screen that give you 3 options to boot, for some reason i can`t seem to get it work, while working with PXELINUX i know the code within the Default file are directly pointing to VMLINUZ/memdisk and to the proper KERNEL and these come after the requested splash screen which i am referring to.
my questions:
- is there something i missing to accomplish that?
- is it possible to achieve this by using different boot loader or manipulation through PXE install?
when i created local USB disk there is no problem, i am booting right away to the boot splash screen, this is the outcome i want within the PXELINUX boot menu.

hope you can help me,


angryfirelord 11-06-2013 10:53 AM

What error message do you get booting from the PXELINUX selection? It could be the files are in the correct path, the menu doesn't have the correct path listed, or the IP address isn't correct.

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