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johnkalikavunkal 07-22-2008 07:36 AM

proxy usage for rhel 4
hi everyone,

i want to block particular users for particular sites through the internet, pls specify the way,

i am planning to use squid proxy, pls help wrt its usage and configuration, any links or documentation will certainly help

pls also specify which proxy is the better one, which is the best platform, whether linux or windows

thanks in advance

john k m

twantrd 07-26-2008 12:57 AM

I would use Squid and documentation on this usage is everywhere on the internet.

Here's one site that explains it:


johnkalikavunkal 07-28-2008 01:09 AM


thanks for your reply, can i block sites in the proxy itself, i want to block some sites in the proxy server, is it possible?

if yes how can it be done

i am new into this

thanks and regards
john k m

twantrd 08-01-2008 10:09 PM

You put the sites in the squid configuration. Did you read my post at all? The link tells you everything.


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