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darsunt 04-19-2011 12:40 AM

Problems switching desktop in centos 5.5 (redhat?)
I've been attempting to change from gnome to kde in my newly installed centos. I've tried 'switchback kde' in the command line. I've also looked up the file 'etc/sysconfig/desktop' and opened it in vi but it was blank.
Is centos and redhat different from other linux distros? I've found many websites that say the two above methods are how to switch your desktop from gnome to kde, but they don't seem to work on my centos 5.5.


murankar 04-19-2011 12:45 AM

I hate to ask this question but did you install that manager? You should have four menu items at the bottom of the log in screen. Language, Session, Restart, Shut Down. You need session, click on it and then select KDE.

chrism01 04-19-2011 01:47 AM

I'd look at

yum grouplist

# check with something like
yum list installed "*kde*"

# or
rpm -qa|grep -i kde iirc, RH has kde avail, but not installed by default, so you may need

yum groupinstall "<group name>"
as per that link

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