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elantbird 01-15-2005 01:00 AM

ppd in cups help
On my laptop i am running slack 10. I am using a mac10 ppd to setup a Kyocera KM-4850w wide format MFP printing system. when you set it up for lpr. Sending it to the appropriate que. It prints perfect. i have the ppd under /usr/share/cups/model. Now the prob is, i need to make this work on a red hat 9 system for a customer of ours. We set every thing up the same. His comp will send the print to the printer. It will register in the que and then it will not print it. It will say it is has printed it, but it wont print. Now my question is what is the difference between the systems. He is using cups ver. 1.1.22 and 1.1.17. On two different red hat 9 machines. Is there something that i am missing between the two machines. I am also going to post this question on the red hat forum.


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