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saqis 10-14-2006 01:09 PM

NTP Local Server Configuration
I have total 4 servers on which Redhat AS 3.0 installed all server time are different with each other, i want to sync one time to all servers..for that i want to use ntp server configuration...As there is no internet from these 4 server ..i have to made one local ntp server and the rest its client ntp servers...As i want steps how to configure local ntp server and its client so that the time appears to be same in all servers.. the ip address and host name are as follows

for ntp server
ip= hostname=ABC_UDB01
for client ntp servers
ip= hostname=ABC_UDB02
ip= hostname=ABC_UAPP01
ip= hostname=ABC_UAPP02

so kindly tell me steps so that i can configure ntp server and ntp client on Redhat Linux AS 3.0

Waiting for your reply as soon as poosible

Omer Fadul 10-16-2006 04:45 AM

NTP Configuration
for ntp server configuration:
choose one of ur server to be your primary NTP server i.e. then follow the following instructions:
1- backup current configuration file: cp /etc/ntp.conf ~ntp/ntp.conf.yymmdd.UID
2- Specify the servers you are interested on them to the configuration file"/etc/ntp.conf":
3- Restrict the type of access you allow these servers:
restrict mask notrust nomodify notrap
4- Restart the ntpd server:
/etc/init.d/ntpd restart
On the client side:
1- repeate step 1
2- repeate step 2 but change to map to your ntp server.
3- repeate step 3 and 4.
4- Synchronize your local time with the server(do it 3 times):
ntpdate -u
5- Determining if the NTP is synchronized properly
ntpq p
thats all folks.

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