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mrpc_cambodia 08-24-2004 10:50 PM

MBR and First Sector of Boot Partition.

Can anybody explain me what are the differences between MBR (Master Boot Record) And First Sector of Boot partition? and how does it work when we use one of it for a boot loader?


masand 08-25-2004 02:58 AM

while installing linux
if u choose to make a boot partiton apart from '/' and swap
then if u make ur boot partitons as a drive say /dev/hda5 then u can ask the insatller to install lilo/grub on he boot partiton (if u do not want to load grub/lilo first)

while if u install on MBR which is in the start of the hdd, no matter what u installed ,grub/lilo will load first since at bootup MBR is looked upon(to see what is there)


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