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rbaird2001 03-31-2004 12:59 PM

lilo.conf.anaconda v. lilo.conf
After installing Linux RH8 and booting successfully to all run levels, I checked /etc for lilo.conf. It wasn't there. Instead there was lilo.conf.anaconda. Using traditional configurations to lilo.conf in lilo.conf.anaconda seemed to make sense, but /sbin/lilo isn't seing the file. I basically copied the .anaconda to lilo.conf and all was well.

But I still don't know what the relationship is between the files. Could somebody enlighten me?

rbaird2001 04-01-2004 01:16 PM

I think I answered my own ??? I think I launched the grub loader instead of LILO This created the file incase I decide to use lilo in the future. Any body else have a view?

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