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Ogrius 04-05-2006 02:26 PM

Kerberos -> Active Directory Authentication
I have searched the forums trying to find if someone else has done this and I am having no luck. But if someone can point me to a thread that could help I would appreciate it.


Kerberos Server: Windows 2003 Server
Client: Red Hat Enterprise v3 update 6
Directory Service: NIS

The main difference is that I am trying to get a single sign on environment with passwords coming from Kerberos (Active Directory) but all of the rest of the information coming from NIS.

I have basic login working with pam.d setup to use Kerberos and I am getting the TGT from my Kerberos environment.

What I am having trouble with is getting host tickets so that my accounts can connect to other machines in the environment without passwords.

Microsoft provides some instructions to create host/machineA.DOMAIN.COM keytabs at (Unable to post since I have less then three posts :)

When I try to rlogin to the remote machine I get the host/machineA.DOMAIN.COM ticket but then I get an error message about the server not being able to read the keytab.

I was wondering if any one else has done this or has any links to some good troubleshooting resources or threads.

Even someone saying I have done it and it works fine for me would help.


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