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danchiaperini 11-09-2004 03:08 PM

Javascript trouble in mozilla after install java sun
I use redhat 9 and mozilla 1.2.1 and i could go to netbanking perfect, but affter i install sun it stop working, i can't access that no more, so remove java sun and still not working.

What do i do??? The prefences in mozilla for java is all check and i don't get a error it just don't show nothing.



Electronkz 11-09-2004 03:40 PM

Mozilla 1.2.1 is quite old, anyway, what is netbankig? can you post a link, so we can see what are you talking about :)
Ok, You said you installed sun, i guess you mean that you installed J2RE or the SDK ?
I mean you installed the java, right?
Did you had Java already installed, and then you installed/upgraded another java? because you said you could go to netbank before, right?

Anyway, it seems like a problem with the java plugin,
close mozilla
cd <mozilla directory>, usually /usr/lib/mozilla-version/plugins
find <directory_where_you_installed_java> -name "libjavaplugin*"
you should see a lot of similar files, try first with the one that has ns<higher_number>
ln -s <full_directory_of_java_plugin> . #notice the dot: "."

now open mozilla, it should work now, if not keep trying with the other libjavaplugin

I am sure there are tons of information about this on the net.
Also make sure you have installed java correctly, i mean make sure you export it correctly.

If i am wrong and it has nothing to do with what i say, then boa sorte

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