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arpcefxl 01-01-2013 06:08 PM

Interest in tool for generating user account rpm?
I don't think there exists any online tool that takes user account information (passwd, shadow, group) and returns an rpm that can be used to install the user account on any redhat-based system.

Is there interest? I'm aware that many would not use this because of the requirement to upload passwd/shadow file information to create the package....I'm thinking for many sysadmins, this is an acceptable risk, especially if you use ssh keys instead of account passwords. If there is enough interest, I'm thinking about making a tool available for testing. I will add a function to create a second rpm that will grant sudo privileges. I can say that over the years, I would have really appreciated a tool like this being available. Please provide feedback!

Before responding:
I am aware of other solutions (cfengine, puppet, chef, ldap, AD auth, etc). This is an alternate idea for those who are currently doing account maintenance by hand.

Voided 01-04-2013 09:50 AM

Although I do believe there would be people that would use something like what you're describing, any serious sysadmin would rather write a simple bash script to do this task. Account info is way to important to let someone else (or an online service) do the job. Such a relative simple task should be easy to automate with a script.

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