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JMO8 11-23-2003 08:53 PM

Install Hung at Formatting --Dead Drive
I got my install to go along pretty well. I got to the screen about partitions. I chose format it all for LInux... Then the format hung. No HD activity for a LONG time 20 minutes. So CTRL-ALT-DEL brought me to a screen of no operating system.

WHat do I do now? I hooked up the drive via an Cable on a 98SE and XP machine, It would not even show up.


fancypiper 11-23-2003 09:27 PM

Is it detected in BIOS?

Does the Ranish Partition Manager see it?

JMO8 11-24-2003 07:25 AM

Yes. Detected BIOS sees it. I pulled the drive and ran the install on my dell. It began again. However, I finished the install and it asked for passwords and login. Then I put it in my Libretto. It would not boot.

So I partitioned it differently then the first time. 1.0 gig DOS and 10 gig on Linux. No the install is running -- text mode. Thye CD is spinning and the light is burning as if it is accessing. Yet, the HD light is not showing activity.

Any ideas?

aqoliveira 11-24-2003 05:23 PM


During the installation u r able to use the cTRL-aLT-F1 THROUGH to F5 keys which gives u output on your screen what is hapenning during your installation.Post the messages that appear on each screen. Ctrl-Alt-F5 is normally used for HDD installation like partioning formating etc.

There is no way Linux will work if u install it on another machine then put it into a diffrent machine. Itīs been installed and configured all hardware from the first install it may boot up but will come up with a Kernel Panic of some sort most of the time.


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