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rafanto 02-06-2009 08:24 PM

Install dmidecode and procinfo in RHEL 4 - RHEL 3

I have RHEL 4, RHEL 3, i need install dmidecode RPM packet and procinfo packet... exist this packets for this linux versions?

Also for RHEL 5 please...

Thk for your help!

twantrd 02-06-2009 08:47 PM

Since you are using RHEL, I'm assuming you have a login with them. Log into Redhat Network and check if rpm packages exist. If they don't, then download the source and compile them on the machines.


lazlow 02-06-2009 09:58 PM

Both are in the standard repo for Centos5. Centos is the free version of RHEL. So they should also be in the RHEL repo.

rafanto 02-11-2009 11:30 AM

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I compile the packet dmidecode(dmidecode-2.10.tar.gz) on a system ppc64, I show it in the attachment, but i receive the followin message:

No SMBIOS nor DMI entry point found, sorry

This system is a Red Hat Linux Enterprise Release 4 (RHLE 4) on a hardware IBM Power5 (64 bits)processor.

Please your help

twantrd 02-11-2009 02:52 PM

Have you tried googling the error? Looks like others have came across this problem and they found ways to resolve it.

lazlow 02-11-2009 03:55 PM

It would probably be easier to just rebuild the source rpm (spec file would already be made). It is available here:

However the version there is much newer than the version you are attempting to use(2.7 vs 2.1).

rafanto 02-12-2009 03:11 PM


I need install this packet on a IBM Power5 processor (64bits) and RHLE 4
I searched in google and there are only problems in the source cosigo

In the link only exist the RPM


I think that RPM is only for RHEL 5 and i386 architecture...

Thanks for your help!

lazlow 02-12-2009 03:37 PM

Source is source. Your compiler should take care of any differences in architecture.

rafanto 02-22-2009 12:12 AM


Well, in this point of the discussion, demidecode can extract information from an IBM Power5 server? These servers have SMBIOS?

With this answers, i can continue with my quest...

Thks for all !!!

mesiol 02-25-2009 09:42 AM


your Power5 does not provide any kind of BIOS, so it will be difficult for dmidecode to find an away to extract this information.

SMBios/DMIBios is specific to Intel platform.

rafanto 03-01-2009 12:44 AM

Ok, thanks for you help...

In your experience, how i can do this? extract hardware info (CPU, Mem, etc.) from this servers (IBM) with Linux?

I have:

IBM xSeries 235
System x3350
Bladecenter HS21
IBM OpenPower
IBM System P5 510 Express

Thanks for your help!

redhawk1973 06-23-2009 07:23 AM

Sorry for the long delay
dmidecode is in the kernel-utils rpm package for RHEL 4

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