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sanjay123 09-17-2004 03:29 AM

how to repair Linux9 after Windows 2003 Server
Hi! All

I m new user under this forum.

I have already Red Hat Linux 9 installed on my computer and it was working fine. One day ago, i installed windows 2003 server and it was installed successfully. But now, windows 2003 server is working fine, but my other OS Red Hat Linux9 not showing at startup. I think windows boot loader has overwritten Linux grub boot loader.

So, please help me to how can i start at startup by choosing red hat linux9 or windows 2003 server.

Please also note that i have windows and linux CD.

So, please guide me how can i do the above.

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berkay 09-17-2004 04:13 AM

Like you said, XP has overwritten your mbr so you have to reinstall grub... What I did when I had to re- install grub was booting the system with gentoo livecd, mounting all the mount points (/, swap and /boot) then installing grub by grub-install... I don't have any info about rh9 bootable cd whether it has recovery console thing... Knoppix could also help when re-installing grub!


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