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dguse 06-08-2005 10:04 AM

How do I tell if RHES 3 AS is running in 64 bit
I have installed RedHat AS 3 on a Dell server running dual 3.6 ghz 64 bit Zeon processors and I am not sure how to tell if it is running as a 64 bit OS. I did notice that when I look at /proc/cpuinfo it shows 4 32 bit processors running. Is this some sort of emulation with the Xeon processors?

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mhallbiai 06-08-2005 10:37 AM

it is highly unlikely that you have a 64bit OS on that system. The only 64bit server systems sold by dell are the 7150 , 3250 and 7250.

I believe you are asking how to check if you are using the ia32e (x86_64) and taking advantage of the 64bit-extensions that are available on these processors. 'uname -a' should return x86_64 in the line. the xeon are still 32bit cpu but have 64bit extensions


for i in `rpm -qa | grep kernel`; do rpm -q --qf %{arch} $i && echo " "  $i; done
will return anything with kernel in the line in the form of 'arch rpmname'
the kernel you are running should be ia32e

hope this helps

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