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ErichKnoop 02-27-2004 07:05 AM

how do i bring the linux window into a lindows Os
I have two PC's one running Linux 9.0 and the other Lindows 4.5 and i'm using one monitor, one keyboard and one mouse to operate this two PC's so how do i ssh or telnet from linux to lindows cause i tryed "telnet <IP address> " but the message i'm getting is "connection refused"

So how to i solve this cause i need to be able to bring the lindows window into the linux environment and work on the lindows mechine through the linux box:

skog 02-27-2004 10:19 AM

your getting connection refused because tcpd is blocking the connection. Its kinda like a mini/psuedo firewall. You need to setup your tcpd config files to allow connections from the other machine.

/etc/hosts.allow <--- machines you want to allow access from
/etc/hosts.deny <--- machines you want to deny access from

in /etc/hosts.deny always put this line this will deny access from everyone to anything you dont specifically give permissions to in /etc/hosts.allow

then in /etc/hosts.allow put ports and machines you want to allow to connect
ALL: OtherMachine
would give access to all ports to the pc OtherMachine you can also specify domains and users

you need to read the man on this though as it will provide a lot more info check out "man hosts_access" and "man hosts_access" and "man tcpd"

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