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oaitamrane 11-26-2004 10:53 AM

How can I build a 64bit kernel 2.4.28

I am using an ACER Aspire 1524 WLMi notebook equiped with an ATHLON 64 3400+.
1- I successfully installed Linux RH9
2- I successfully upgraded kernel to 2.4.28
3- When I rebuilt the kernel for x86_64 the command "make ACRH=x86_64 dep" failed.

Can someone help me.

goshawk 12-08-2004 06:22 PM

hi, if you like rh9, try fedora core 3 - see for more details.
i guess you'lll need the following ISO images for amd64:
For x86_64 (64-bit AMD64, EM64T):
FC3-x86_64-disc1.iso (md5sum: b61b0eb7e0171837aeeff4f0054a4d79)
FC3-x86_64-disc2.iso (md5sum: 99dc12c7e8a93844a48a5675a9c07ec9)
FC3-x86_64-disc3.iso (md5sum: 399b7ffd721ebb4244a02c34cdbb1b82)
FC3-x86_64-disc4.iso (md5sum: f58b1de3b880df55dbbd37d143419226)

i would be very interested if this installs ok as i'm also about to purchase an acer aspire 1524.
does firewire, NIC, USB etc work OK? good luck

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