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nandipati.vasu 10-06-2008 01:49 AM

Help Me
# df -k /var reported 100% used
i have stopped the syslog service. unmounted the file /var file system.
# e2fsck -B 4096 -n -b 32768 /dev/VG00/lvvar
I have executed the above command. afterwords I have given df -k /var
I got the following output
/dev/VG00/lvvar 73786976294838190080 73786976294838190080 0 100% /var
#ls command is not showing any files or folders.
if #cd log
it is changing to the folder.
How to make file system behave normally.
I am using RHEL4


chrism01 10-06-2008 03:34 AM

Why did you do this:

e2fsck -B 4096 -n -b 32768 /dev/VG00/lvvar


If the partition is full, you need to delete some log files and probably amend the logratotate scripts to purge more frequently.

nandipati.vasu 10-07-2008 01:38 AM

I have removed few files from the log folder. And I have executed the logrotate. but it didnot change.


chrism01 10-07-2008 02:31 AM

You need to look at your log dirs carefully and figure out which programs are primarily responsible for filling the disk and amend (change) the relevant logrotate scripts to remove those files more frequently.
eg my system has the current log, plus the 4 previous logs for a given service. In that case you'd want to change it to eg current plus previous 3.

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