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mishkind 11-18-2007 11:43 AM

gshadow permission denied on Red Hat 3
Hello To All.

Here is my first question to this forum.
When trying to use the groupadd command on Red Hat 3 Server, I am getting a gshadow : permission denied error.
/etc/gshadow permissions are read to root ( just like in any other Red Hat server I have where the command works fine ).
Even so , I tried to add write permissions to the gshadow file and got the same error.
Running strace on this command shows failure ( Permission denied again ) on write system call.
When I tried to compare the situation in other servers I found out that this command fails with the same error on every Red Hat 3 server but not on Red Hat 4 server so I am thinking "Pathes???".

Please help.

Regards ,
Leonid Mishkind

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