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sp!d3rm@n 07-08-2004 12:09 PM

GRUB version 0.93 - Howto
When I load my redhat 9 box a screen pops up with 6 different kernels. I want the one at the bottom of the list but the default is "Red Hat Linux (2.4.20-31.9smp)"

How can I select the desired kernel by default after reboot. I know this may seem like a n00b question but I'm new to Linux in general.


drowstar 07-08-2004 12:37 PM

Hi sp!d3rm@n,
how to do that depends on your boot loader.
The least complicated way is doing it from the command line (press [ctrl+f1] to get to a terminal. Get back to your graphical login with [ctrl+f7] or similar f-key. Try them, if 7 doesnt work).

If you are using lilo you need to become root (su -) and edit "/etc/lilo.conf" (it may not be in "/etc" but this is your best bet). Look for a line that starts with "default":
default = label
label is one of the names you are prompted with at boot. (These are the values of the lines starting with "label" below.)
Change the label to the one of the kernel you want to be your standard. After that run "lilo" for the changes to take effect.
You may want to read about the lilo.conf file in your man-pages. Use this command: man lilo.conf to view

If you are using GRUB on the other hand, you need to edit "/etc/grub.conf" (again, maybe it's some place else). Here the line you want also starts with "default", but this time the value is a number. Choose the one you want (i.e. the last would be "number of entries - 1", because the numbering starts with 0).
Again, you may want to read a little more about this file: man grub.conf

Good luck with these informations. Feel free to ask more questions, this is a little difficult if you have not done anything like that before.
- drowstar

sp!d3rm@n 07-08-2004 01:53 PM

Thanks a lot drowstar. I'm using grub and the conf file was the key. Thanks again for helping out a noob. :)

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