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martinr 03-28-2006 10:36 AM

Graphical interface freezes after main installation of Redhat enterprise 4 (64).
After an initally succesful installation of redhat enterprise linux 4 (64 bits) on a windows XP machine I have a really wierd problem.

The dual boot works fine (using GRUB) and after the first "main" installation the system reboots into grub. after continuing with booting linux for the first time the system hangs JUST when the graphical interface should show up. The thing that should show up is the continued installation, choosing graphics and setting up users and so on..... instead several colored line appear on the monitor and there is no respons from either the keyboard or the mouse (which both worked during the main installation).

Also just before the "hungup" the boot secuence checks for hardware and does not find the correct monitor or graphics card. it sais something like "Monitor: unknown, Graphics card: generic VESA"

The system I have is:

AMD ATHLON 64 3500+
NIVIDIA GeForce 6600GT 256MB (not so very new)
The LCD monitor is a LG Flatron L19(some number)s 19" (fairly new I would guess)

The catch 22 is that the setup for the monitor and grapichs is in the graphical interface that doesn't work. Is there some way of perhaps booting in text mode and set it up correctly or is there something else wrong?

Really thankful for help.

Brian1 03-28-2006 04:40 PM

So you have a complete install already but the graphical section is screwed up?
Bootup and when it gets to the screwed up gui screen hit Alt-Ctrl-F1. Login as root there and type the command ' init 3 '. This will stop the X server. I would then download the latest nvidia drivers and follow thier install procedure. Once nvidia drivers are installed then you can type ' init 5 ' to start X back up. Then Hit Alt-Ctrl-F7 to get to the X session for Console F1. Console F1 has a Gui on F7, F2 console with F8 for the gui and so on.


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