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dadealeus 01-26-2014 02:37 PM

Easy RPM Creation
I've written a free software that makes the RPM creation process incredibly simple and just want to spread the word.

I believe that one of Red-Hat/Fedora's main drawbacks is the complexity of their packaging system. I also believe that a developer should not have to devote a ton of time to learning how to package their software for the distribution they would like to support.

Hence, Togo; an open-source, free software I wrote to greatly simplify the process. Please check it out if you think it would be of use to you:


John VV 01-26-2014 02:57 PM

duplicate post reported

dadealeus 01-26-2014 02:59 PM

Duplicate Post?
Aren't you supposed to post in whatever forums the information is relevant?

Fedora/Red Hat Forums (which both utilize RPMs as their software packaging?).

I do appreciate your constructive feedback, by the way; I guess that's what I get for trying to help people.


unSpawn 01-26-2014 03:56 PM

Please post your thread once and in only one forum. Posting a single thread in the most relevant forum will make it easier for members to help you and will keep the discussion in one place. This thread is being closed because it is a duplicate #2 of your software advertisement here:

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