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80n 03-01-2006 02:54 AM

create RPMs : problem with spec file
Hello there; sorry it is a newbie question, but I am really stuck and
can't find the answer in the forums...

I try to use conditional dependancies (upon RH version) in a spec file
Ok so I have got a spec file which is going like this :


%{?rh9:%define _without_tcltk_devel 1}

then later on :


%package lpgc
Summary: TATCBP800
Group: Applications/Engineering
requires: gcc, make, tcl >= 8.3 , tclx >= 8.3 , gnat-3.15a1
%{!?_without_tcltk_devel:requires: tcl-devel >= 8.3}
%{!?_without_tcltk_devel:requires: tclx-devel >= 8.3}

The basic idea is I need tcl-devel and tclx-devel only if I use RH4 ...
and with RH9 I don't need it... but the problem is, when I try to install the RPM from RH9, rpm wants
the tcl-devel packages as well...


So I wonder : is the ?rh9:%... statement incorrect; Then, how should I do that (get the rh version)

or is there a problem in the conditional stuff ?

please, help ! :cry:

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