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kb2tfa 03-21-2012 07:35 AM

Can I learn Centos 6 from a redhat book?
I am use to ubuntu and it's apt-get, however my new dedicated server is Centos 6.

they say Centos' aim is to be 100% compatible with Redhat. I'm lost with things like 'yum' for example.

the install of programs is going to be a steep learning curve to say the least.

I have some redhat books, so my question is, will learning Redhat help me Centos?

acid_kewpie 03-21-2012 07:40 AM

yes, 99% of stuff is exactly the same. As far as yum goes, it's only the RHN registrations that are at all different, and they just plain don't exist on centos.

But note that CentOS 6 is like RHEL 6, not necessarily older versions so much. Having "some books" makes me worry you've a dusty old Redhat 7.1 manual or something, which will not really help you much these days.

chrism01 03-21-2012 10:38 PM

Well, this site has (free to read) manuals/books that seem to be current eg RHEL6 as well as older eg RHEL5

syg00 03-21-2012 11:34 PM

I think the OP is looking for more general "intro" books than the techo Redhat ones. They can all (still) be downloaded for free from the Redhat docs site.

kb2tfa 03-22-2012 08:24 AM

thanks guys :)

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