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PrimeMogul 05-15-2008 01:15 AM

Add tidy to php in RedHat Enterprise 5.1 ??
I like to load tidy dynamically in to my newly built Enterprise 5.1 server. I read that in fedora you can use

yum install php-tidy

bu I get "No Match for argument: php-tidy" (but it did have others like php-gd). In fact, I can't even find a way to install tidy using yum. so how do I get the necessary files (

PAix 05-15-2008 09:16 AM

To the tune of "Google is your Friend". Try

php-tidy red hat
The answer appears to be in the first half-dozen entries of a global search. It should answer your question:.

so how do I get the necessary files (
The information appears to date from approx February 2008, so I guess that solves for the where. Time to test your intuition now.

PrimeMogul 05-16-2008 02:11 AM

Ah, but I am asking because I aleady tried five of those and failed. I could not figure out how to find the right rpm. All I tried were missing dependencies of course, but in each of those I tried, it requested a different version of php-common than supplied by yum on my system. I was not sure what trouble would be caused by installing one that conflicted with the one provided by yum. Other pages suggested use pear, my pear said use pecl, and then pecl failed.

PAix 05-16-2008 06:26 AM

Fair comment, I think that I understand slightly better now. Do you get any change out of searching CentOS 5.1 repositories, or does the same problem exist?
I am of course hoping that someone with Red Hat CentOS experience passes this way sometime soon. The only reason for suggesting CentOS, is that it it essentially the same product, but therefore may have the same lack of rpm.

Beyond that, using an alien rpm is risking a descent into rpm hell - I don't think that you want to go there. Sorry I haven't been of much real help to you. Good luck. I'll keep looking.

PrimeMogul 05-16-2008 10:02 AM

I got it. Not sure I did the best thing: I was able to make pecl work with "yum install php-devel", then I manually installed tidy on the system from a source tarball, then I could "pecl install tidy," finally adding a new tidy.ini to /etc/php.d and restarting apache...

Just seems there is an easier aproach. (And I'd like to learn how to find the right RPM.)

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