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anamikasoni 03-20-2005 10:08 AM

ACL support

I may have posted this query before on other forum but havent recd any reply..... so i am rephrasing it and posing it to all.....

I'm trying to simulate Firewalk (if anyone has used it it would be gr8 help), which uses libpcap, libnet & libdnet.....

For those who dont know, Firewalk is a tool built to enumerate the access control list of the target gateway,

I'm working on simple system which is in a network using RedHat 9.....

When i try to run Firewalk on this system it gives foll o/p:


Firewalk 5.0 [gateway ACL scanner]
fw_init_network(): route_get()
Total packets sent:                0
Total packet errors:              0
Total packets caught              0
Total packets caught of interest  0
Total ports scanned                0
Total ports open:                  0
Total ports unknown:              0

When i went thru release notes of RedHat 9 it states that it doesn't provide ACL support but provides the packages attr & acl for ACL testing....

Someone suggested I use Fedora Core 3....

I'm very confused as to what to use..... and what is the right thing to do?

Please help as it's very urgent...... Thanks

AltF4 03-21-2005 08:29 PM

You're mixing two different types of ACLs (Acces Control Lists)

-) Firewalk deals with network scanning (ACL on firewall)

-) attr & acl deal with file system permissions and ACLs

anamikasoni 03-21-2005 11:11 PM

Ohhh, ok .....i didnt know that...

In that case, what should I do now? Why am I getting this kind of output...

Please help

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