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craftybytes 11-17-2006 03:54 AM

Where to put devx_212.sfs file & will puppy find it?
Hi all,

Been a Linux user (mainly MEPIS v3.4-3) for around 12 months or so, so am reasonably familiar with most of the CLI commands and generally KDE oriented GUI's..;) ....

But I'm VERY new to Puppy & new to this particular forum! Have been trolling thru the forums on both LQ and on PuppyOS for the past few weeks AND have ordered Puppy from Barry Kauler via snail mail / PayPal (still waiting for it to arrive - 8 days now since placing order) and am very interested in what I've been able to find out about Puppy from the many posts in the forums...:cool:

Having dialup access only to the internet at the mo, I got a friend who has broadband to download Puppy2.12BETA2.iso, Linux- source and devx_212.sfs files from the developer's download site. Installed the .iso to a generic 1GB USB pen drive - installed very nicely and looks to be working very well so far...:twocents:

What I need to do now is get the source and devx files installed - how do I do that in puppy 2.12 please?...:scratch:

Also - does puppy use the linux 'make' command (via terminal or rxvt), if not how does one do a 'make' for compiling & installing a prog in Puppy..?..:scratch:

Need to compile / install the drivers for my internal Conexant HSF 'winmodem' (dl'd from Linuxant web site) - modem works fine in MEPIS 3.4-3...but needed to get the latest driver files from Linuxant to suit the later version kernel ( v 2.6.15-1)....:mad:

Also need to be able to install the Canon drivers for my printer - so may need the source files for that as well..:confused:

Will wait on the PuppyLinux CD to arrive for all the other progs & .pup files that I can install as needed.

In the mean time am going to give this here puppy a good run and see if I can wear it out....:D

ASROCK VIA all-in-one m/b @ 1.8GHz; AMD Athlon 1800 CPU; 768MB DDRAM; 80GB HDD (MEPIS); 20GB HDD (Win XP Pro); 1GB USB Pendrive (Puppy); BENQ CDRW; Samsung DVDRW; BENQ 17" LCD monitor; Conexant HSF 56K PCI 'internal' modem...:eek:

Any help would be much appreciated!!

marksouth2000 11-17-2006 10:20 AM

Craftybytes, the way you install devx_212.sfs in Puppy is by booting Puppy, navigating to /mnt/home, putting devx_212.sfs there, and then rebooting. This effectively installs the development kit (including gcc, make, &c &c). The way it works is that Puppy automatically unpacks any squashfiles it finds there at boot time, and mounts them onto the unionfs. An advantage is that this way, the puppyists know that they are all using the same development tools.

The linux source .bz2 file needs to be put under /usr/src. The simplest is to move the linux*.bz2 to /usr/src, then do tar xvjf linux-xxxxxxxxxxx.tar.bz2 and make sure the kernel directory symlink points to the right place.

I setup a printer using the printer wizard yesterday, and I was sure that a lot of Canon printers came past in the list. Take a look at Menu | Setup | Printer Wizard.

Have you tried your modem with Puppy BTW? I heard that a lot of softmodems are now supported under Puppy 212b2.

Good luck,

craftybytes 11-17-2006 06:33 PM

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the reply!! As I'm in MEPIS at the mo to be able to get on the net, I'll follow up later when I boot into Puppy re putting the devx_212.sfs into /mnt/home and the linux source.bz2 file into /usr/src.

Yes...I did try the printer wizard and yes there were many Canon printers in the list but from experience MY particular Canon printer (PIXMA MP110) requires specific drivers for it to work properly (Pixma IP1500 driver)!!

BTW, the printer works fine under Windoze (Multi-function - printer/scanner/copier), as I have all the Windoze drivers, but under linux can only get the printer side to work using the linux Canon printer prog & IP1500 driver which I dl'd from the net - the scanner option still trying to find suitable drivers for it to work..

Yes, tried to set up my modem in Puppy!! Again no such luck. If MEPIS is any guide, I had to dl a specific HSF 56k driver from Linuxant to get it to work ok. So will probably need to do the same for Puppy but will need to compile the driver specifically for the kernel in Puppy - thus the query regarding the linux source.bz2 and devx files!!

Thanks for the response ITMT....

craftybytes 11-17-2006 06:37 PM

Just a thought, if I have all the windoze drivers for the printer, is there any way in Puppy to be able to use these instead of having to dl and compile linux drivers?

Maybe Barry can advise...


marksouth2000 11-23-2006 05:58 AM

Puppy includes a large selection of Linux printer drivers - took me 2 minutes to setup my network laser printer last time I installed 212: menu | setup | printer wizard.

It's unlikely that yu would ever need to build your own printer drivers anyway, most printers can manage to emulate generic printer languages such as Postscript or PCL.

craftybytes 11-24-2006 12:15 AM

Thanks Mark,

Had not thought to try the printer with Postscript emulation. Other than that still no luck at the mo in getting it to work in Puppy but will keep trying..

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