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ELMIT 07-04-2006 04:49 AM

To where can we install puppy 2.01?
I have got the CD puppy 2.00 (not 2.01)

I want to install on a hard disk, so that I can change the kernel to 2.4.x. I need more space to do that!!!
When I tried to install onto my SATA hard disk it said "not yet", when I tried to install on a USB hard disk, it said "Not yet", ....

so my question, can puppy 2.01 be installed on a larger media, like SATA partition or USB hard disk? Or is there another way to install ?



marksouth2000 07-04-2006 06:51 AM

Puppy 2.01 fixed some issues that 2.0 had with USB and SATA drive detection and management. You may find it's a lot less trouble to try Puppy 2.01. I use it from USB, CD, and HD with no problems at all.

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